Fine Wine with Personality

One often attributes human characteristics to wine. A wine can be robust, opulent, tenacious, even elegant, profound or flirtatious.

At Ta’ Betta we playfully describe a wine, or even a specific vintage, in terms of the personality or character it evokes: be it young or old, open and ready or still closed on the nose, be it masculine or feminine, rough or refined.

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the character of the Wines & Terroir

One can never make good wine from poor grapes, one can never make authentic wines by using chemistry to cover up shortfalls or to bolster nature’s yield.

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know-how &the Tachis School

A good wine-maker should know how far to go to bring out the character of a grape varietal, of a vintage, to reflect what happened in the vineyard that year. Not all years will yield the same character, indeed that of itself creates the scope of vertical tastings as a narrative of time past.
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Our Range of Fine Wines

Isabella Guasconi

The Flirtatious

This youthful Syrah Rosé is a fresh, dry, medium-bodied wine, fermented in cast stone vats, benefits from a light passage through 500-litre oak tonneaux which contribute further to its overall structure and personality.

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Jean Parisot

The Tenacious

This oak-fermented Chardonnay, produced against all odds, is a complex wine which conveys apricot, white fig and vanilla to balance the acidity and alcohol.

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Antonio Manoel

The Opulent

This opulent blend of Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon typically conveys cassis, strawberry and red forest-fruit, with undertones of chocolate and caramel.

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Philippe Villiers

The Robust

This robust blend of Syrah with Cabernet Franc typically conveys forest-fruit on the nose with undertones of tobacco, black and bell pepper.

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Ta' Betta Experience

The tasting room at Ta’ Betta is a small and exclusive venue with limited capacity. Overlooking a terrace with stunning scenery of Maltese countryside with the medieval city of Mdina to the North and the port city of Valletta and the Mediterranean coast to the East.
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