Ta’ Betta Experience

The tasting room at Ta’ Betta is a small and exclusive venue with limited capacity.

Overlooking a terrace with stunning scenery of Maltese countryside with the medieval city of Mdina to the North and the port city of Valletta and the Mediterranean coast to the East.

The pleasant setting is ideal to savour the fruit of this terroir and the twenty-year journey it took to bring our artisanal wines to your glass and for your enjoyment.

Ta’ Betta is a private estate and is not generally open to the public. This said, exclusive wine-tasting and wine appreciation events can be catered for by appointment only for Ta’ Betta Wine Club members and discerning visitors who have a passion for wine or who, like us, are keen to expand their knowledge of the art of wine making.

For further information contact us via [email protected] or by filling up the form below.

Events & Bookings

If you are a wine-lover or are genuinely keen on learning more about wine and winemaking and wish to visit our estate for a brief tour and tasting, kindly contact us to fix an appointment. Although we are not normally open to the public, depending on the season and work exigencies on the estate we do host discerning visitors.

We also organise exclusive private wine-tasting events from time to time for our Club members and for the enjoyment of our exclusive clients, so we welcome you to join our mailing list, to get to know us, and perhaps join us as a Club member on our journey.

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