The Winery

The boutique winery at Ta’ Betta, built with weathered limestone blocks, blends an old-world charm with practical modern architectural touches.

A colourful array of egg-shaped concrete fermentation tanks imported purposefully from Sonoma in California stand at each flank as one enters the main fermentation hall. Beautiful in their own right, the tanks have proven to be extremely practical and in line with the estate’s preferred medium for the fermentation of our reds.

At the back of the winery there are three barrel-vaults built in limestone in the traditional style, typical of the architecture found in the guts of the bastions built by the Knights of Malta in Valletta. The barrel-vaults house barrique stacks where the reds are matured, and the whites fermented.

On the east flank of the main fermentation area is the grape processing area, and the refrigeration system which allows the winery to control the temperature of the must or wine at each stage of the fermentation and maturation process.

The west-flank is a bottle store of vintages resting and awaiting labelling and dispatch.

The winery operates with state-of-the-art equipment albeit dimensioned to its modest production capacity.

At the heart of the winery lies a small bottle library where the owners retain samples of their vintages.

Tastings are hosted on the ground-floor.

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