The Wine Estate

Ta’ Betta Wine Estate comprises of 4 hectares of terraced land situated circa 200 metres above sea-level in an area known as the Contrada ta’ Brija in Girgenti limits of Siġġiewi, Malta. There are circa 15,000 vines planted on site and around 200 olive trees apart from fig trees, carob trees and miscellaneous indigenous Maltese flora.

The Winery is situated on the southern flank of the Estate enjoying views of the vineyard with the medieval town of Mdina as a backdrop, the Grand Master’s summer residence to the north-west, the Inquisitor’s summer residence to the west, and the Laferla Cross on the hill south-west. The grounds of the estate are maintained with care and are ideal for a tranquil and enjoyable exclusive wine tasting event which can be organised from time to time by appointment only.

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